Tackle what’s next.

We create and manage collaborations between athletes and nonprofits who share a common goal of impacting more lives in the community.

Supporting like-minded community partnerships for sustainable impact.

At DB Consulting, we work with athletes and nonprofit organizations to create like-minded partnerships to positively impact communities around the world.

In today’s world of athlete activism, we strive to help organizations and athletes take action in a way that makes a lasting impact towards their cause.

We work with professional athletes, non-profits and brands to help them find a positive focus and partnerships that fit their life, their mission and their passion.



Our team provides workshops to professional athletes, nonprofits and businesses to increase the impact of philanthropy in communities around the world. We work hard to promote effective giving and sustainable partnerships in philanthropy. Let our team help you learn more about the opportunities and resources available to you.

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Philanthropy is an expected responsibility in sports these days. We work with professional athletes, influential brands and non-profits to find and align the perfect strategic partners. Our team is familiar with coordinating event logistics and marketing needs from start to finish for conferences, fundraisers and philanthropy initiatives. We offer strategic partnerships, event management, digital marketing, media outreach and more to make our clients’ initiatives, collaborations and events a success.

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Professional athletes that are approaching the end of their on the field careers may be facing the question of what to do next. Our post career transition services will help those athletes find a focus for their next chapter. We work hard to help athletes use their brand equity to create a successful second career.

We offer services ranging from preparing resumes, to prepping for a big meeting or interview, to networking with the right people to create a potential opportunity. With our team’s extensive network of executives in various industries, we assist our clients in reaching the right people to make their dreams a reality. We coordinate and manage all logistics for our clients projects and events. No matter what our clients want to pursue, our team will help them get there.  

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